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  • Revenue Sharing Program

    To date, Tune.pk is succesfully serving 1.5 Million views per day. Our ever strong community has helped us in making Tune.pk No. 1 video sharing site of Pakistan. Its about time that we start giving back to our community. We have developed a Revenue Sharing Program which will enable webmasters, content owners and bloggers to monetize their content on Tune.pk.

    FAQs regarding the Revenue Sharing Program:

    Can I create a channel on Tune.pk
    Every user who register on Tune.pk can create their own channel and upload video content and can also customize it the way he/she prefers.

    Can I upload my personal videos?
    You can upload your personal content on tune.pk and can set the content as private. All the video content which is set as Private can only be viewed by the user who uploaded it or it can be shared with those to whom you share the video password with.

    I want to upload videos and want to earn?

    You can upload and generate revenue with Tune.pk. All you have to do is to create an account on Tune.pk and send an email to the Tune.pk in a following format.
    Your Email:
    Your Website:

    Our team will then check your details and reply you back in 7 working days with a message regarding either your account is approved or disapproved. So, you need to fill all the original details.

    When will I get Paid? You will get paid when your earning reaches a minimum of $100. You will request the team to approve the payment and the payment will be made via Cross Cheque only.

    What are the payment Terms:
    All the payments will be made on Net 60 days.

    Why Tune.pk?
    Tune.pk is the only video sharing website in the Asian region which is offering users to promote, share and generate revenue from their uploaded content. Tune.pk works flawlessly across all the platforms which means maximum monetization of your content. We also have a blazing fast HTML5 player which can deliver smooth HD video playback on all platforms including low end mobile devices.
    With our easy-to-use User Panel you can easily keep track of impressions, revenue, and payments all in one place.

    So, what’s holding you now? Register now and start monetizing your content with the largest video sharing website of Pakistan.

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