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  • Content Partnership

    Tune.pk is #1 Video website of Pakistan serving millions of videos daily all around the world. It is a platform where users can upload, watch and share content.

    We believe in giving back to the community by helping content owners and aspiring producers in promoting their content on Tune.pk and now offering content partnership program to our valuable video makers which includes helping them building audience, getting more value for the content and generate revenue.

    It is our mission and vision to promote the local and regional talent of Pakistan so if you are aiming to make your talent known, create you channel on tune.pk and take the first step towards fame.

    FAQs regarding the Partnership Program:

    Q1. Who can create a channel on Tune.pk?

    Anyone who is registered as a user on Tune.pk can have a channel and can upload video content on site. You can customize everything on your account according to your preference. The registration process is very simple. Just click the ‘Create new account’ button on the top right of the page. And create your account, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of making a new account, you can login through Facebook. Once you are done, you have to enter your details and you will have your own account on Tune.pk!

    Q2. What kind of videos can I upload?

    You can upload all kind of videos as long as they do not violate our Terms and Conditions . If you want to upload your personal content on tune.pk, you will be able to customize its privacy settings.

    Note : All the video content set as Private will be available only to the user who uploaded it and to those with whom you shared the password. User privacy is our major concern. We can assure you that none of your content set on private would go public. We have a comprehensive system to ensure privacy. The crux of it all being, you are safe on tune.pk!

    Q3. Can I monetize my Content?

    Yes, If you’re a Producer, Musician or Content Owner you can create your channel on Tune.pk and earn through it. Tune.pk has an elaborate revenue sharing program in place which works on CPM basis. Based on the views on your content, you can request activation of the revenue sharing program on your profile. Once active you can start making money through Tune.pk

    Q4. How to get Official Content Owner Badge?

    If you are our verified partner, you can claim content which belongs to you or a company you represent. Each content claim will be reviewed and will be pushed to your account. Please read more about Content Badge Here.

    Q5. What is Content Push?

    If you are our verified partner and someone has uploaded content that is owned by you (or a company you represent), that content will be pushed to your account and all the views generated by that content will be added to your total view count and would help you in reaching your revenue generation targets.

    Q6. How can i customize my channel?

    Tune.pk gives you the authority of customizing your account according to your preferences. You can add your own Profile Photo, Channel Cover and link your social media accounts to your Tune.pk account.

    Q7. What is the difference between verified and unverified channels?

    Verified channels are viable to get better reach and custom tools to build and engage audience. Learn more about verified channels Here.

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